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HIP-Mount Series 8

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Our patented system for precise cast orientation in the articulator with respect to the occlusal plane and the inter-arch movement vectors. Align casts independent of a hypothetical hinge axis or the external auditory meatus as is done when using typical face bow transfers, but rather assure that the dental arches are oriented correctly to thr functional horizontal planes, that the middle of the dental arch is aligned with the midline of the articulator, in short that the cast orientation on the lab bench really does coincide with the orientation of the dental arches in the patients head. All that can be done with a variety of articulators, and requires less time than conventional methods!

Furthermore, the vectors of the articulators can now be so programmed that the relationship of the teeth during vertical and horizontal movements relates more closey to in vivo conditions, as the cast positioning in the articulator is now a part of the programming. Potential errors during raising and lowering are reduced, and occlusal problems are easier to identify. Everything logical, controlled and time-saving in the articulator of your choice!

Double precision pull-out to compensate for different articulator heights
  • Including HIP mounting plate with individually adjustable table
  • Made completely of durable CNC processed metal  
  • Mounting plate made of special magnetized stainless steel with engraving
  • New! Table now with mountable stainless steel rails
  • Usable for both right and left-handers
  • New! Magnet attachment for both Protar and Artex articulator at no added cost!
Special orders by request!

In order to gain an in-depth understanding of this ground-breaking technology, we recommend a special course at the Institute for Temperomandibular Regulation, see (German language)

Additional information may be obtained by reading the article "Scharnierachse ade" (German language) in MYOBYTE 2-08.

A brand new, free online short-course (German language) is also available at ITMR!

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