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Vector-Analyzer II

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Foot for articulator::
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The new free-standing version of the Vector-Analyzer provides the following benefits:
  • Hands-free operation.
  • Scales printed on front and back aid in looking straight at the cast and prevent misalignments due to parallax-errors.
  • Special color coded ranges of angles of closure
  • Carbon needles with metal tips can be inserted and give even closer control of line of sight plus can be extended to reference points on the upper cast to aid in aligning the occlusal plane during mounting when using our Pitch Corrector.
  • Articulators with dimensions identical to the AmannGirrbach "Carbon" series can use those articulators to mount casts. Simply align the articulator axis to the red mark on the Vector-Analyzer II, mount the upper cast at the desired angle of closure and then move it onto our Physio-Logic Articulator. There you will obtain the angle of closure set during mounting.
Items contained:
  • Vector-Analyzer II
  • Foot designed for your articulator (please select, more feet will become available soon)
  • 2 Carbon needles with metal tips
  • Plastic storage box with cut-to-fit foan insert.
  1. Insert Vector-Analyzer II into the correct foot and stand it close to your articulator parallel to it's midsagittal plane. 
  2. Align the drawn-in condyle with the axis of your articulator.
  3. Place cast on the blue HIP-mounting fixture, or center it together with the mounting registration using the transfer plate and place the assembly on the mounting table of the HIP-Mount.
  4. Adjust the heigth of the mounting table and the sagittal distance from the articulator axis until you see the first molar of the cast behind the desired angle of closure.
  5. If our Pitch Corrector is employed to correct the cast position around the transverse axis, insert the carbon needles into two suitable holes of the same heigth. Extend the needles until the metal tips point at the desired reference points on the upper cast, for instance the marginal ridges of first and second molars and the izisal edge minus the vertical overbite. If necessary, adjust angle of the Pitch Corrector until the pointers are parallel to these reference points.
  6. Affix upper dental cast to articulator using mounting plaster.
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