FreeBite introduction set
FreeBite introduction set

FreeBite introduction set

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Gold-plated electrode for searching muscles and motor end plates.
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Plane Correction (German)

Correction of the reference plane when articulating models. Currently only available in German. 

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Only available in German.
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FreeBite Bite Registration Sets
FreeBite Bite Registration Set consisting of 1 FreeBite air and 1 FreeBite solid, available in 4 heights.
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Kurzinformation: Artikulation von Modellen (German)
Compact information: articulation of models, free information brochure. Currently only available in German.
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Y-distributor cable
Enables the connection of further electrodes, suitable for all devices with a 2mm connector.
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Ear clamp for stimulation of reflex-points
Electrode clamp for stimulating reflex points on the ear
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Adapter for electrodes with button
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Human Chewing
The unguided functional movement of the human jaw (Charles Gibbs, Ph.D. Harry Lundeen, D.D.S.).   
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Die craniomandibuläre Regulation
This book is available only in the German language.
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