The Aqualizer may be used for differential diagnosis, CMD/TMD, deconditioning the bite, relaxing muscles, and alleviating pain. But just what is the Aqualizer?

The human bite is complicated. The complex surfaces of the teeth must fit exactly for optimum occlusion. There is no "give-and-take" because the teeth are so hard that relatively small disturbances can easily disrupt relaxed muscule function. The jaw must then be unnaturally held in order to avoid this occlusal disturbance. The result: tension and inhibited muscular circulation, not only in the jaw musculature, but also at the nape of the neck as the body attenpts to adjust to the head posture in order to relieve the stressed chewing muscles. The Aqualizer, a water-filled self adjusting occlusal splint, works as a puffer zone between the teeth, relieving the tension-induced pain.

Please note that the Aqualizer loses water during longer storage. If you would like to take advantage of our graduated pricing, please store your Aqualizers in the freezer, where they will last many years.


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