Physio-Logic Articulation

Physiologically adjust models with the HeadLines and the HIP-Mount in the articulator as a logical alternative to the hinge axis:

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Here you will find a clear explanation of the system and which devices are required for different areas of application. 

Accessories and spare parts can be found here.
Kurzinformation: Artikulation von Modellen (German)
Compact information: articulation of models, free information brochure. Currently only available in German.
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Dental Office, Lab and Complete Set for Hip-Mount & HeadLines
Here you will find sets which we have assembled for your convenience and offer at a discounted rate. The sets correspond to the applications described under (available also in English). Please refer to that website for additional details.
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HIP-Mount Series 9

Our patented system for precision articulator cast orientation with the cranial planes, independent of the hinge axis, for full functional control of your articulator.


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Spezialkalotte R200
Special calotte for the measurement of toothed upper jaws and the installation of prostheses.
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Plane Correction (German)

Correction of the reference plane when articulating models. Currently only available in German. 

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