Physio-Logic Articulation

Physiologically adjust models with the HeadLines and the HIP-Mount in the articulator as a logical alternative to the hinge axis:

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Here you will find a clear explanation of the system and which devices are required for different areas of application. 

Accessories and spare parts can be found here.
Kurzinformation: Artikulation von Modellen (German)
Compact information: articulation of models, free information brochure. Currently only available in German.
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HIP-Mount Series 9

Our patented system for precision articulator cast orientation with the cranial planes, independent of the hinge axis, for full functional control of your articulator.


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Dental Lab Set for Hip-Mount
If your dental lab is separate from the dental office so that you never actually see any of the patients, this set may be all you need. If you want to be able to doublecheck the cast orientation on the patient you will need a HeadLines, but this set is a great start for a dental laboratory. You save €133,50 over the individual component prices!
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Spezialkalotte R200
Special calotte for the measurement of toothed upper jaws and the installation of prostheses.
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Adhesive discs - magnetic stainless steel
Adhesive discs for plastic mounting plates diameter 35 mm e.g. for type Adesso Split / Splitex / Quicksplit
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Plane Correction (German)

Correction of the reference plane when articulating models. Currently only available in German. 

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