Our new system for the relief of symptoms due to chronic tightness of chewing muscles and compressions of the temporo-mandibular joints: A bite cushion extending to the back teeth employing a special wedge-shape für support and decompression, filled either with cushioning or water for balancing support. The FreeBite solid by contrast is a special thermoplastic device which can be used für accurate bite registrations and immediate bite splints.

For information on what distinguishes the Freebite from the Aqualizer and AquaSplint mini, please read here.

We strongly recommend the information on the FreeBite System provided on Here you will find an overview, Information on selection and usage, as well as articles about bite registration techniques for TMJ-patients or about how to efficiently relax chewing muscles with the FreeBite and much more.

CMD "Erste Hilfe" Set (includes book "Erste Hilfe bei CMD" in German language)
Purchase the newly published book "Erste Hilfe bei CMD" (German language, normal price 19,80€) in a low-priced set with one or more different bite cushions and save between € 8,- and € 16,- depending on your choice!
from 29,60 EUR
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
FreeBite Comparison Set
FreeBite Comparison Set consisting of 1 FreeBite air and one FreeBite balance.
33,99 EUR
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
FreeBite Bite Registration Sets
FreeBite Bite Registration Set consisting of 1 FreeBite air and 1 FreeBite solid, available in 4 heights.
39,00 EUR
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
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