The FreeBite system:

  • FreeBite therapeutic bite cushion (available in 4 heights): Efficient solution of muscle tension and temporomandibular joint compression.

  • FreeBite comfort: The flat, comfortable shape also for longer wearing times.

The effectiveness of our FreeBite bite cushions has become well established among users in the years since their introduction. The cushions can be slid on the lower row of teeth, encourage playful movement and, due to their special shape, relieve the temporomandibular joints. FreeBite therapy cushions are available with two different fillings as FreeBite air and FreeBite gel, each in four different heights.

The FreeBite comfort is completely new: The bite cushions are flatter, but still reach further back than conventional cushions. It takes less getting used to and can therefore be worn more quickly, even over several hours, to compensate for interfering contacts on the teeth. The FreeBite comfort is available with two fillings and in one height.

If the complaints have resolved with one of the above FreeBites, the resulting jaw position can be solidly moulded into a thermoplastic FreeBite. As the bite blocks harden here, you can feel the occlusal contacts and can further optimize them if necessary. The FreeBite solid is mostly used by dentists.

We strongly recommend the information on the FreeBite System provided on Here you will find an overview, Information on selection and usage, as well as articles about bite registration techniques for TMJD-patients or about how to efficiently relax chewing muscles with the FreeBite and much more.

FreeBite introduction set
Purchase the newly published book "Erste Hilfe bei CMD" (German language) in a low-priced set with one or two FreeBites and save up to € 15,-!
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FreeBite Comparison Set
FreeBite Comparison Set consisting of 1 FreeBite air and one FreeBite gel.
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FreeBite booklet (German language)
Currently only available in German language. English version will be available soon.
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