Aqualizer: Choosing the right shape

In addition to the correct hight, the correct shape of the Aqualizer must also be determined. The normal sizes "ultra" and "slim" as well as the small size "mini" are available. The latter is a shortened form which is particularly suitable for children's and adolescent dentition, or also for shortened tooth rows if the first molars are missing. The different sizes "ultra" and "mini" are discussed below.

Aqualizer Ultra und Mini Vergleich

The Aqualizer in the form "Ultra" below, compared to the form "Mini" above.


The water cushions of the Aqualizer should lie approximately between the first molars (tooth no. 6 counted from the middle in front). In the case of children's teeth or dental arches that have been shortened by extraction (loss of the posterior molars or extraction of the premolars in orthodontics), it can sometimes happen that the Aqualizer protrudes beyond the rear row of teeth. Then the water cushions do not support the rows of teeth properly and can also cause irritation of the mucous membrane behind the teeth. The Aqualizer mini is ideal here; the Aqualizer Ultra is the best choice for all other applications.

Aqualizer Ultra und Mini direkter Vergleich

The Aqualizer Ultra (above) in direct comparison with the Mini (below).


Example mixed dentition in children                                                                      

Below you see a set of teeth with permanent 6-year molars and incisors, the rest consists of milk teeth, a so-called "mixed dentition".

Wechselgebiss bei Kindern

The rows of teeth of mixed dentition in children are shorter than in adults. While here the Aqualizer Mini (lower picture left) fits well, the shape "Ultra" (lower picture right) protrudes from the back. The water cushion does not support the rows of teeth as well and may cause irritation of the mucous membrane behind the teeth!

Wechselgebiss mit Aqualizer


Shortened row of teeth

After extensive tooth extractions and new treatment with implants, the lower row of teeth in the lower dentition is significantly shortened. While the Aqualizer Mini (left) carries the teeth well and does not protrude unnecessarily, the Aqualizer Ultra (right) has half the water cushion behind the lower teeth, so that it does not wear properly and may also irritate the tongue or cheek.

Verkürzte Zahnreihe mit Aqualizer

These two previous cases are typical indications for the Aqualizer Mini, in all cases with halfway normal dental arch lengths, the Aqualizer Ultra is the best choice.


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